A Netflix Documentary Series

Trial By Media




Supper Club






50-65 min

In our modern media landscape where real courtroom dramas have increasingly been transformed into a form of entertainment, Trial By Media reflects on some of the most dramatic and memorable trials in recent history.

A Netflix Documentary Series

A Supper Club Production

in association with Smokehouse Pictures

Executive Produced by Brian McGinn, Jason Sterman, David Gelb, Jeffrey Toobin, Steven Brill, Grant Heslov & George Clooney
Directed by Brian McGinn, Tony Yacenda, Skye Borgman, Garrett Bradley, Sierra Pettengill, Yance Ford



“Illuminating and provocative… Trial by Media devotes an hour each to six high-profile and sensational criminal cases that drew the attention of news organizations from around the country and sometimes around the world. 3.5 Stars/4
— Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun Times

The six-episode series is less about crimes, and more about the media and public’s response to them. In almost every case those reactions are just as shocking and horrifying as the actual, punishable crimes being examined.
— Decider

It’s a heartbreaker, with a genuine sense of uncovering and pointing to a terrible wrong.
— The Globe & Mail

Each of these cases commanded public attention during the eras in which they played out, and what Trial by Media does exceptionally well is distill, in under an hour, the “big takeaways” from each episode.
— Salon

“Elegantly structured, deeply researched.
— Time

“A refreshing change of pace from other serialized takes on the genre…a worthwhile addition to the true crime catalogue that covers cases younger crime buffs may be unfamiliar with.
— Mashable

“It’s rightly troubled by just about everything: the press, the judicial and legal system, trash TV, laws that would outlaw trash TV, all of it…the payoff comes in its elegant distillation and synthesis of complex true-life narratives dripping with hubris and weird legal reversals.”
— Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

Trial by Media is a highly entertaining and watchable series that captures the multiple sides of some very complex stories.
— Slug Magazine

This series reminds us that although it’s human nature to want to be told a story, it’s also our prerogative to make our own judgments. In such a media-saturated world, though, is that even fully possible? 4 Stars/5
— The Upcoming

It’s a well-built, ridiculously watchable, and efficient series, standing atop tremendous research and storytelling—which provides an unusually meta quality.
— The Daily Dot

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