A Netflix Documentary Series

Chef's Table




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42 min +

Go inside the lives and kitchens of six of the world’s most renowned international chefs.

Nominated for 3 Emmy Awards, including Best Documentary Series

A Netflix Documentary Series

Created by David Gelb
Executive Produced by Brian McGinn, Andrew Fried, Matt Weaver & David Gelb
Directed by Brian McGinn, Clay Jeter, Andrew Fried & David Gelb
Director of Photography Adam Bricker & Will Basanta

“The effect of the series…is more like touring an art museum than anything else. Every episode is a portrait of the creative process — one shaped as much by the senses, life experiences, emotions and insights of its creator as is any work of art.” — Wall Street Journal

“Director Brian McGinn sets up the first hour of Season 2…in a way that hides the food’s reveal until you’re already hooked. A deeply personal examination of cuisine…’Chef’s Table’ has proven itself to be a study of passion told with equal verve and unquantifiable beauty.” — Indiewire

“Essentially timeless and impossible to spoil…one of Netflix’s best shows.” — The New York Times

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