A Netflix Documentary Series

Chef's Table: Season Five




Boardwalk/Supper Club






42+ min

Chef’s Table: Season Five goes inside the lives and kitchens of the world’s most renowned international chefs. Each episode focuses on a single chef and takes a unique look at their life, talent, and passion, from their piece of culinary heaven.

A Netflix Documentary Series

Created by David Gelb
Executive Produced by Brian McGinn, Andrew Fried, Matt Weaver & David Gelb
Directed by Brian McGinn, Andrew Fried & David Gelb
Directors of Photography Adam Bricker, Chloe Weaver, Matthew Chavez &Will Basanta

Featuring Cristina Martinez, Musa Dağdeviren, Bo Songvisava & Albert Adria


The new season of Netflix’s culinary documentary series Chef’s Table includes the series’ best-ever episode, not to mention three others that also rank very high on the list.
— Eater

A lush visual and emotional narrative…treating a subject most people take for granted as a grand cinematic adventure that seems as fantastical as the latest Marvel franchise film…Chef’s Table ages like fine wine. Each season delivers increasingly complex stories of food, identity, and how something as basic as eating a meal creates a foundation for community.
— TV Guide

“A fresh consideration of what kind of stories about food feel compelling in 2018.
— Quartzy

We need to keep finding more ways to communicate about the issues surrounding food, and the food media we consume can provide a space for that. This season of Chef’s Table is a model for what food television can offer.
— The Ktchn

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