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Amanda Knox




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92 minutes



amanda-knox-posterNominated2017 Primetime Emmy Awards (Best Documentary & Best Writing for Non-Fiction)
World Premiere, Toronto International Film Festival 2016
The Short List, DOC NYC 2016
Nominated, 2016 Critic’s Choice Awards (Best Documentary TV/Streaming & Best Director TV/Streaming)
Nominated, 2016 Robert Award for Best Documentary (Danish Academy Award)

A Netflix Documentary
Directed/Written/Produced by Brian McGinn
Directed/DP’d/Produced by Rod Blackhurst
Edited/Written/Co-Produced by Matt Hamachek
Produced by Mette Heide & Stephen Robert Morse
Executive Produced by Lisa Nishimura, Adam Del Deo & Ben Cotner
Original Music by Danny Bensi & Saunder Juriaans
Graphics & Title Sequence by Leanne Dare & Elastic/RPS


— NYT Critic’s Pick —
“Completely riveting…a tightly edited, coherently structured and ultimately moving reassessment that burrows beneath the lurid in search of the illuminating…a savage denunciation of the way entertainment imperatives have corrupted the news media. At this singular moment in our political history, the resonance is deafening.”
— Jeannette CatsoulisThe New York Times

— LAT Critic’s Choice —
“Equal parts Alfred Hitchcock and Patricia Highsmith…It is all so complicated it took directors Blackhurst and McGinn and editor Matthew Hamachek a full year to fit all their material into the hour and a half on view here, but it was worth the effort. Hard as it is to say that anything is the last word in this most divisive of cases, “Amanda Knox” looks to be it.”
— Kenneth TuranThe Los Angeles Times

“Carries the force of revelation. Gripping and incisive…a resonant documentary, with a reach far beyond this case. The film captures how the unreality of tabloid journalism has slid through digital portals into the mainstream, becoming part of the toxic air of misinformation that we all now breathe.”
— Owen GleibermanVariety 

“Sharp and frequently enraging.”
— Sophie GilbertThe Atlantic

A well-made, accomplished piece of filmmaking that illuminates how something like this could happen to anyone. Whether you think she did it or not, “Amanda Knox” is a horror story that should be told.
— Brian TallericoRogerEbert.com

“Feels almost like a nostalgic throwback to The Thin Blue Line and Paradise Lost…what you end up with are portraits of individuals — people who are scared or angry or ambitious — all a part of a story that, from the start, ignored their humanity.”
— Kevin P. SullivanEntertainment Weekly

“Substantive [and] even-handed, Blackhurst and McGinn do a vise-tightening job with the unpacking the facts as we now know them, as we never knew them (including rarely seen court documents and police video), and as they were originally distorted beyond all reason.”
— Robert AbeleThe Wrap

“Amanda Knox makes for succinct, involving viewing, a true-crime doc that acknowledges the lingering debates over its subject’s guilt while prompting one to ask: Why did anyone ever believe this outrageous stuff in the first place, much less cling to it for years?”
— John DeForeHollywood Reporter

“Coolly eviscerating…an astounding but subtly illuminating documentary about how women are condemned for having normal interests and urges…one of the great cautionary tales of this century.”
— John DoyleThe Globe and Mail

“Simultaneously maddening and frightening…Amanda Knox serves as a corrective—a simple, brutal look at the dangers of hype, hysteria, and rushed prosecution.”
— Josh ModellAV Club

“An insightful procedural that functions as a meta-commentary on our obsession with true crime.”
— Ed PowerDaily Telegraph

“Plays like a narrative thriller…explores the role that the media, and wider societal stereotypes, had in affecting the case…It’s a carefully balanced and frightening film with Knox a terrifyingly unknowable character at the grisly centre.”
— Benjamin LeeThe Guardian

“More illuminating than a decade’s worth of trial coverage.”
— Judy BachrachVanity Fair

“For sheer craftsmanship and watchability alone, Amanda Knox is a must-see offering on Netflix; for its exposure of the workings of justice systems and media culture, it’s an essential piece of work worth sharing and discussing.”
— Darren RueckerWe Got This Covered

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